Nasty Windows

To Winterstorm & All Using Registry Editors

All Window Versions using  Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00  provide false information,
See Below and do the test  yourself

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
RECurrent-WMI.reg 22.10.2019 23:02:33 , Size1083.33 
RESet001-WMI.reg 22.10.2019 23:00:22 , Size1079.16

Registry Workshop , Version 5.00 Editor
Current-WMI.reg 22.10.2019 22:55:26 , Size 1083.32
Set001-WMI.reg 22.10.2019 22:53:58 , Size 1079.16

Registrar Version 4 Editor : REGEDIT4
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SYSTEM-ControlSet001-Control-WMI.reg 22.10.2019 22:49:59 , Size 541.63
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SYSTEM-CurrentControlSet-Control-WMI.reg 22.10.2019 22:46:53 , Size 541.63

These are the registries i tested, 
all the registries I made a few monts ago are fake ,

Also Notepad interacts with data and saves frequently incorrect data
Also EmEditor I used and probably a lot of other  big editors
When Using these editors there is also interaction with browsers, IExplorer, Opera and others?
In Notepad2 There is no interaction with data ,a few times,but rarely with data in browsers

So Winterstorm  , do the test