SOLVED in v2.1.8.1 [VIP] and v2.1.9.0 [ALL] !

Hello guys Smile

I discover something odd while testing to listen or record an audio file.

I'm using, since several years, an integrated Realtek HD-Audio which is working very great for my needs (to listen music mostly).

I was unable to record a sound from my computer because there was every time an error message with all music software (device not available or not detected).

I investigated that, and discovered the responsible component : "Privacy - Microphone - Allow access to the microphone for this device" ... if activated the sound card record functionality is locked so you cannot record audio files from your sound card (even if you are not using a microphone) !

I do not know if other sound card chipset are also affected .... maybe if someone, who experienced the same trouble, could share the affected chipset.

In the meantime I added a new component named "Drivers - Support - HD-Audio (Record)" ... if you are like me, just keep this component and it will protect you from such troubles. In the other hand, if you are not affected, you can remove it Wink

I wish you to have a very great day !