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Hi Guys

I have been very busy digging into the  windows 10 v1903 registry
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WINEVT] is gone,
1360 event items removed
Channels & Publishers removed
Windows 10 seems to work normally, i will continue testing it
I am going to dig further into this windows

Concerning Winreducer
I removed everything i could from Windows 10 v1903 , so the iso is Win10-1903.iso ,1.741.987.840 ,05/07/2019 02:26
So my Winreduced Windows 10 is working perfectly since 5/07/2019 , many thanks to Winterstorm

I see there is a lot of problems into the bug section.
To get a working winreduced windows you have to test,take notes what works and what not untill You get a finished reduced working windows.
I already give advices, but nobody reads them or applies them .
You can not play Russian roulette with Windows,you see the results  in the Bug section.
Winterstorm & Moderators can not solve these bugs as there is to much to investigate, so take my advices and
do it correctly, the end result will be a working winreduced windows

WinReducer EX-100 - v2.1.8.0 has no problems at all !!!


descriptionWINEVT EmptyRe: WINEVT

Hi Guys

I made a new Winreduced Windows 10 install, basic 3 programs installed :

1 Win10Pro-00.TBI 4.666.101.760 15/08/2019 04:04 -a--

Cleaned with Win 10 Tweaker 15.2

2 Win10Pro-01.TBI 3.875.733.504 15/08/2019 04:51 -a--

Registries Completedly removed:


Registry partially removed (95%) as some programs did not function

3 Win10Pro-02-WinEvt-Event&Autolog.TBI 3.589.185.536 18/08/2019 16:17 -a--

Full install of my needed programs (some are installed onto another partition)

4 Win10Pro-03-ProgramsInstalled.TBI 6.449.078.272 19/08/2019 04:00 -a--

Everything is working up to now

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