Identified issues - work in progress - Open issues:

Breaks Windows Updates
1. Remover - Network - Internet Explorer (Engine)
2. Remover - Network - Collaboration Data Objects (CDO)
3. Remover - Network - Data Deduplication
4. Remover - Multimedia - Gracenote (GNSDK)
5. Services - Function Discovery Provider Host Service
6. Services - Windows Container Isolation Service                  < also ** Compromises Windows Security
7. Services - Windows Container Name Virtualization Service < also ** Compromises Windows Security
  ;Any of the above cause Windows Updates to Re-download existing Security Updates
  ;Each of these components, also adds a lag/delay to Start-Menu and apps responsiveness
  ; ** #6 & #7 - If removed, Firefox URL-Search field, generates a Google error, as follows:
                        "About this page
                         Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network.
                         This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot.
                         Why did this happen? ... You seem to be using a malicious software ... "

Breaks OneDrive
1. Services - Windows Error Reporting Service
;OneDrive application won't even launch ; Likely impacting other Modern Apps.

Breaks Night-Light
1. Services - Display Policy Service
2. Remover - Accessories - Windows Sidebar
If either removed, Night Light's On/Off Switch will lose its functionality and will do nothing.

Breaks copy/paste on Modern Apps
1. Remover - Accessories - Clipboard (History)
; If removed, Copy-Paste Text or Url would fail >> To/From any Modern App, including Edge.

Breaks Start-Menu-Search
1. Remover - Modern UI Apps - Cortana

By design items  (seem unrelated to WinReducer):

Breaks Windows-Store
1. Remover - Modern UI Apps - Parental Controls  < if removed, Store Apps & Games will quickly shutdown and terminate.
    (example to test: Soda Crush)
2. Services - Credential Manager Service  < if removed, Windows-Store authentication dialogs fail to display.

Breaks Networks tray UI - Network Adapter fails to display:
Services - Windows Connection Manager
;If removed - Network devices will not display in - System-tray > Network details.
;For example, if you're connected wired Ethernet, clicking Network tray-icon, will not show your Ethernet device.

Issues identified by other WinReducer members
Identified by Vigan1
Optimizations - EXPERT - Net Framework Light Cleanup
Optimizations - EXPERT - Net Framework Complete Cleanup
;One or both of the Expert Cleanups, break PowerShell. PowerShell fails to launch;

                                                                                       FIXED                                                                                   :
Remover - Network - Mobile Broadband Experience
;FIXED on EX100-v2.1.9.0 - Formerly broke Windows Store - Settings function - Windows Store Crashed when clicking on Settings.

Remover - Accessories - Quiet Hours
;Titled now Focus-Assist - FIXED on EX100-v2.1.8.1 - Formerly broke Notifications-Center.

Remover - Accessories - Help (HTML)
;Fixed on EX100-v2.2.2.0 - Formerly broke PowerShell environment ; Windows PowerShell Editor crashed after exit.

Breaks Office 2010 Setup >> unless the following protection is enabled >> Presets - Protect MS OfficeProtect
1. Remover - Network - Internet Explorer (Office Support)
;Setup error - OSetup.dll cannot be loaded.

Formerly Sensor components broke Edge
1. FIXED on EX100- >> Remover - Drivers - Support - Sensors Device
2. FIXED on EX100- >> Remover - Multimedia - Mobile PC (Sensors)
3. FIXED on EX100- >> Services - Sensor Data Service
4. FIXED on EX100- >> Services - Sensor Monitoring Service
5. FIXED on EX100- >> Services - Sensor Service
FIXED on EX100- >>  ;Formerly Any of the above - broke Edge - YouTube freezes on Edge.

Formerly broke Sticky Notes
1. FIXED on EX100- >> Services - Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service
   ;Sticky-Notes instantly shuts-down upon launch - Sticky-Notes broken and likely impacts other modern apps.

Formerly broke Start-Menu-Search
2. FIXED on EX100- >> Remover - Multimedia  -  Speech < also generated a responsiveness lag across Windows UIs (websites, menus, etc..)
3. FIXED on EX100- >> Services - Windows Insider Program Service
;Any of the above, breaks Start-Menu's Search functionality.

     Misc     :
Remover - Network - SQL Server
;Formerly suspected to break various applications, however,
;When removed Both SQL Server & SQL Client , there's no visible negative impact.
;Simply remove BOTH SQL features (Server & Client), not just one of them.

Services - Human Interface Device Service
;TBD - Suspected to break Windows Update services on first logon only

.. I'll continue to update this post with other items and their impact.

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