Turn Windows features on or off  , What is it ??

.NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) Handle 0x000001C3E271FE10
.NET Framework 4.7 Advanced Services Handle 0x000001C3E271FC50
   ASP.NET 4.7 Handle 0x000001C3E2720AC0 Parent 0x000001C3E271FC50
   WCF Services Handle 0x000001C3E271FF60 Parent 0x000001C3E271FC50
      TCP Port Sharing Handle 0x000001C3E27206D0 Parent 0x000001C3E271FF60
Container Image Manager Handle 0x000001C3E271FCC0
Containers Handle 0x000001C3E2715E20
Device Lockdown Handle 0x000001C3E2720900
   Custom Logon Handle 0x000001C3E2720040 Parent 0x000001C3E2720900
   Keyboard Filter Handle 0x000001C3E2720970 Parent 0x000001C3E2720900
   Shell Launcher Handle 0x000001C3E2720200 Parent 0x000001C3E2720900
   Unbranded Boot Handle 0x000001C3E271FEF0 Parent 0x000001C3E2720900
   Unified Write Filter Handle 0x000001C3E27200B0 Parent 0x000001C3E2720900
HTTP Activation Handle 0x000001C3E2720740
Internet Explorer 11 Handle 0x000001C3E2716130
Message Queuing (MSMQ) Activation Handle 0x000001C3E2720820
Named Pipe Activation Handle 0x000001C3E27207B0
Print and Document Services Handle 0x000001C3E2720A50
   Internet Printing Client Handle 0x000001C3E27203C0 Parent 0x000001C3E2720A50
   LPD Print Service Handle 0x000001C3E2720430 Parent 0x000001C3E2720A50
   LPR Port Monitor Handle 0x000001C3E2720580 Parent 0x000001C3E2720A50
   Windows Fax and Scan Handle 0x000001C3E271FDA0 Parent 0x000001C3E2720A50
Remote Differential Compression API Support Handle 0x000001C3E271FD30
Services for NFS Handle 0x000001C3E27209E0
   Administrative Tools Handle 0x000001C3E2720270 Parent 0x000001C3E27209E0
   Client for NFS Handle 0x000001C3E2720190 Parent 0x000001C3E27209E0
Simple TCPIP services (i.e. echo, daytime etc) Handle 0x000001C3E27204A0
TCP Activation Handle 0x000001C3E2720120
Windows Communication Foundation HTTP Activation Handle 0x000001C3E271FFD0
Windows Communication Foundation Non-HTTP Activation Handle 0x000001C3E2720890
Windows PowerShell 2.0 Handle 0x000001C3E27205F0
   Windows PowerShell 2.0 Engine Handle 0x000001C3E2720660 Parent 0x000001C3E27205F0