I just wanted to make a new iso, as mayby  WinReducer EX-100 - v2.1.4.0  is the final one,
i deleted some more items that should be the lasted for a working iso with all my programs.
After updating and installing a bunch of programs, all of them were working.
i had forgotten to install Netframework 3.5 and and it did not install !!
There was no reason why it did not
So i instaalled my iso again and first  i installed Netframework 3.5 before updating and
installing programs, and guess what ? , Netframework 3.5 installed flawlessly.
I saw when updating there were 2 updates combined for Netframework 3.5 and 4.72,
I think this is the reason Netframework 3.5 did not install as part of the update was installed before installing Netframework 3.5

I hope this will help You when installing Netframework 3.5