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descriptionWindows defender EmptyWindows defender

how you hide windows defender UI from update and security center? please give me .reg of this <3

descriptionWindows defender EmptyRe: Windows defender

Hi xbacox2010

You can postpone the update for some time ,You can unselect Windows Defender in Sledgehammer.cmd,
but Windows Update shall update it after some time.
You can delete it and use another virusscanner/protector. , there are many of them., see onto the internet
I use Malwarebytes for years without problems.
Concerning security center, it will survey and it will tell You your system is unprotected when Your Antivirus is 
diabled  , be it Defender or any other antivirus that is installed
Sorry no working solution for Windows Defender.


descriptionWindows defender EmptyRe: Windows defender


You can try to use this option : in the "REMOVER" tab, choose "Settings" tab then choose the "Update and Security - Windows Defender"  option. It will hide the Windows Defender shortcut from the "Settings" Modern UI Apps.

I wish you to have a great day !
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