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descriptionWinReducer EX-100 - v2.1.4.0 EmptyWinReducer EX-100 - v2.1.4.0

Hi. Just a list of issues I have found! (RS5 - 10.0.17763.107) (x64) (en-GB)

Windows Update - Not removed in ex100_desktop, only stopped. Also, it won't disable.
User Data Storage_61873 - Doesn't get removed.
Sync Host_61873 - Not in Winreducer.
Shared Access - Not removed. I can't find this in Winreducer.
ConsentUX-61873 - ??
ConsentUxUserSvc - ??
ConsentUxUserSvc_1b42f - ??
DevicePicker_UserSvc - ??
DevicesPickerSvc_1b42f - ??
DevicesFlowUserSvc - ??
DevicesFlowUserSvc_1b42f - ?? ^ I can't find these in Winreducer. Are they important?
DoSvc (Delivery Optimization) - Not in Winreducer. Is this important? If enabled, it kills my download speed!
EFS - "Failed to read description." (description bug in Services)
AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC) - Not in Winreducer. Is this service important?
Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant - Can't find this in Winreducer. Is this service important?
Windows Insider Service - Not in Winreducer.
Web Client - Not in Winreducer.

Image using ex100_desktop.wccf:

Other notes:
- After restart, all those weird services with _61873 change to _1d1ca (or something random).
- Why did you remove Windows Search in your preset?
- Why does your preset have 'Hide Desktop Icons - True' ?

Using my Preset:
Start Menu Icons - BROKEN
Right Click/Context Menu Icons - BROKEN
Control Panel Icons - BROKEN

If you would like to help investigate my icon problem:

Using diffchecker: Open your preset in Notepad, paste into Original Text. Open mine, paste into Changed Text. I hope this helps you to see what I did wrong to break Icons!
Your Preset:

descriptionWinReducer EX-100 - v2.1.4.0 EmptyRe: WinReducer EX-100 - v2.1.4.0

I thought not every windows component can be found or removed with reducer. Only those the author is able to track down and relatively safely remove. There's plenty of things in windows, reducer cannot remove. You wont find them in its lists.

You can however disable those pesky services in the registry:
start = 4

descriptionWinReducer EX-100 - v2.1.4.0 EmptyRe: WinReducer EX-100 - v2.1.4.0

Hello guys Smile

It takes time to find all dependencies, and sadly, sometimes even after a lot of work it still not work (blocking bug in Windows) ... or sometimes you cannot remove completely a services due to the dependency for an other component ... this is the purpose of the important users reports ... help me finding more easily all dependencies Smile

And as you know since 2012, I'm adding progressively new tested components Wink

I wish you to have a great day !
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