Continuing from previous post Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 Manually using DiSM,
now is time for Added (Intergrating Updates) iE 11, Convenience Rollup and 2018-12 Monthly Rollup (KB4471318) Manually using DiSM

FYi : last i'd Intergrating Updates above using EX-70 V1.8.6.0 seem didn't work properly (wink)
Keep noted that i'm used selected (minimal) or important and latest updates only ???
so i'd used DiSM Manually before adding the Internet Explorer 11 and latest Windows 7 updates or reducing using EX-70 !

Thanks to Ken Cenerelli (from TechNet Wiki), Bastian W. (from Admin Enclave) and Philip Yip (from WinCert.net Forums)

Preparation: :

Implementation steps: :

Useful Link :
~ Creating Fully patched Image by Slipstream in the Convenience Rollup and Quality Rollup Last revision by Ken Cenerelli (from TechNet Wiki),
~ Add the Internet Explorer 11 and Updates to a Windows 7 SP1 image by Bastian W. (from Admin Enclave)
~ Windows 7 Slipstream by Philip Yip (from WinCert.net Forums)

Implement Updates Manually Results: :

Working PC iNFO: :

Thanks, hope this helps some Smile

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