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descriptionSafe to Remove Tipps & Settings EmptySafe to Remove Tipps & Settings


first of all,

i played with those tools a few years. Tools like Xplite and so on...

WinReducer is a great Tool BUT:

Winterstorm himself claims that this Tool is NOT Newbie Friendly. Smile
And yes, its very confusing and hard which things are unnecessary / safe to remove.

Winterstorm yould you implent an Option for this? Or a better explanation for all the Stuff.

3 Options:
- Green = Safe to Remove
- Yellow = Selftesting for Correctly Working / for specific Apps needed
- Red = Not safe to Delete like Systemfiles etc...


Better Helpinformation:

When the Mousepointer is on a specific Line that the Help in the Bottom clearly defines if it is Safe or not


Presets for a specific Using like:

- Print & Scan Preset Option
- Wlan / Internet Preset Option
- Gaming Preset Option
- and so on...

So, everything that is important for his own Windows, you can mark all Boxes and WinReducer keeps automatically all this Files.

Hope you understand Smile

Because at the moment, there are so many Files and it is very hard to "google" each thing if it is important or not.

greetz from germany

descriptionSafe to Remove Tipps & Settings EmptyRe: Safe to Remove Tipps & Settings

Hello Storm Smile

I'm preparing a lot of new options or functionalities ... and your requests will be part of them Smile

I wish you to have a great day !
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