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description[EX-100 - v2.0.6.0] How to integrate [CENSORED] ? Empty[EX-100 - v2.0.6.0] How to integrate [CENSORED] ?

How to integrate [CENSORED] so it can be auto installed during windows installation?

please write step by step

thank you

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description[EX-100 - v2.0.6.0] How to integrate [CENSORED] ? EmptyRe: [EX-100 - v2.0.6.0] How to integrate [CENSORED] ?

Hello and welcome,

When you mean "auto installed", I assume that you are talking about software installation after Windows Installation, so you can do like this (to install all software you want after Windows installation) :
- Start EX-100
- Mount the Windows edition you want to customize
- Go to "System" tab
- Choose "WinReducer Post Installation" tab
- Choose "OOBE" tab
- Put "OOBE" button on "ON" status
- Hit "Add files" button : you can choose the executable file (one at a time)
- The file you choose will be added in the "OOBE" list, once done you can also add manually silent switches for silent software installation, or add effects (colors), ...
- Repeat this for all software you want to automatically install
- then "APPLY' your changes
- EX-100 will automatically configure everything, then you will just have to start the Windows installation ... and after the first login you will see a cmd window which will launch all software installation you defined in the EX-100 "OOBE" tool

I wish you to have a great day !
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