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descriptionCan we have a new version EmptyCan we have a new version

Hi i know windows 10 is the latest (crapest) thing but can we have an update or two for win 7 its been over 1 year now

descriptionCan we have a new version EmptyRe: Can we have a new version

Hello negged Smile

YES ... a new updated build is coming soon Smile

As you probably know, and also because you are a WinReducer User and Forum Member since a long time, I worked hard from 2009 to 2017 on Windows 7, then ... yes, since last year, I essentially worked on all updates for EX-100 (for Windows 10). I also need time to imagine, develop and prepare the future of the WinReducer Project (also known as "Codename:Revolution") ... and believe me, Windows 7 will be still an important piece of this future WinReducer Project Smile

I sincerely apologize for this long period without EX-70/EX81 builds.... and I also appreciate the patience and understanding of all EX-70/EX81 users ... but this will be for a much much better future Smile

The new EX-70/EX-81 builds will be available during October, as usual, for VIP and after for all users.

I wish you all to have a great day !


P.S. : Just for the record, I'm also really impatient to release new EX-70/EX-81 builds ... and also to introduce to all of you the future WinReducer Project "Codename:Revolution" Smile

descriptionCan we have a new version EmptyRe: Can we have a new version

Yeah, great news!!! We are all really eager to see what is in the box for the next releases!!! Only a few days to go until october!!! Let us just hope that you will be ready sooner than later! Thank you very much for all your effort! Smile It is as always very much appreciated!!! Smile
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