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descriptionReplacing OEMDefaultAssociations.xml EmptyReplacing OEMDefaultAssociations.xml

In Windows 10 it became very inconvenient to set or change a standard-app because you must run the application as administrator first. In the following way you can prevent this:

1. Register in an installation all standard-apps an file associations you normally use.

2. Copy the C:\Windows\System32\OEMDefaultAssociations.xml to the following location: [your prefered dir]\$OEM$\$$\System32\OEMDefaultAssociations.xml

3. Integrate the $OEM$-directory with Winreducer Post Installation / OEM.

I tested it with MPC-HC and Iron-Browser. After you setup the file Associations in MPC-HC (no need to do this as administratior, if MPC-HC was started during installation), MPC-HC is immediately standard app without doing anything more. In Iron you just click on "make Iron default browser" (no need to start it as administator before) and it is default browser.

Now my request: Could this file replacement integrated in Winreducer to make it even more comfortable?

descriptionReplacing OEMDefaultAssociations.xml EmptyRe: Replacing OEMDefaultAssociations.xml

Hello Hanyo Smile

Excellent ... I'm very interesting about this subject .... thank you very much for this request !

It will be added in a future build Smile

Have a great day !

descriptionReplacing OEMDefaultAssociations.xml EmptyRe: Replacing OEMDefaultAssociations.xml

Replacing the OEMDefaultAssociations.xml does not change the file-associations you get displayed with ASSOC. I think this is the reason why the associations are not there right after the installation of Windows. You still must register them after installation. The only difference is that the standardapp is registered automatically. But there could be a way to make it perfect (but my programming skills are not enough for that).

Winter, are you able not only to replace the OEMDefaultAssociations.xml to what the user points with winreducer, but also to analyse it and set all fileassociations with ASSOC-parameters? I'm sure that it is possible because when you install Irfan View with the switch /assoc it really change the associations and is standardapp right after install when I make a silent install in OEM with 

iview_x64_setup.exe /silent /group=1 /allusers=1 /assoc=1

This changes the associations diplayed with ASSOC!
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