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descriptionPause or Go Back in- WinReducer  EmptyPause or Go Back in- WinReducer

Is it possible to pause the set up of what I want to remove after Mounting the ISO without having to Start from the beginning . The software takes a long time to load and I do not leave my Laptop running unattended.
Also I made a mistake clicking an option and was unable to go back without WinReducer Exiting and loosing all my settings , Iso , and Mounted data etc . 

Is it possible to Save everything and recommence using the Saved Data.


descriptionPause or Go Back in- WinReducer  EmptyRe: Pause or Go Back in- WinReducer

Hi Colin,
I think you will always need to mount each time.. but you can keep the extracted ISO folder to load from. <- I'm not sure if the extracted ISO gets modified after removal process [?].. but after each 'test build' I always delete it and extract again. Hope to find the answer to that one.

This does not help your problem either but I hope it answers it. I guess you could set your laptop to Sleep Mode for an alternative to resume later. It would be nice to have the option to keep the Mounted files for a quick load.

For your settings.. just save a new Preset each time. I name mine "1st, 2nd ~" etc. where 2nd would be my latest save. This helps me with testing so if 2nd failed or something was broken, I can go back to 1st and compare for a possible problem.

I'm sorry you haven't had a response until now.
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