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after tryout new build EX-81 - v1.8.7.0 (x86/x64) and i'd get error (bug):
"Your PC ran into a problem and need to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you".
screenshot :

so can anyone know what is the problem ??? and here's the
» preset : [EX81.v1.8.7.0-x86_2017.9.5-0.38.13.wccf (9.13 KiB) / EX81.v1.8.7.0-x64_2017.9.5-12.35.49 (9.12 KiB)],
» dism.log : [EX81.v1.8.7.0-x86.dism.log (201 KiB) / EX81.v1.8.7.0-x64.dism.log (202 KiB)],
» and WinReducerEX81.log
WinReducerEX81.v1.8.7.0-x86.log :
WinReducerEX81.v1.8.7.0-x64.log :


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