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description[ANSWERED] [EX-100 - v1.8.6.0] [RS2 Build 15063.0] Windows Mail not removed Empty[ANSWERED] [EX-100 - v1.8.6.0] [RS2 Build 15063.0] Windows Mail not removed

Hi all,

I noticed that Windows Mail was not removed with the preset I usually apply (with previous versions of Winreducer). So I created a new iso with only removing Windows mail. Again Windows Mail is still installed ...

Below is the only customization I applied:

"Remove - Accessories" Name="Windows Mail" Selected="true"
"Remove - Accessories" Name="Windows Mail (Send to Desktop shortcut)" Selected="true"

"Optimizations" Name="ISO - Boot - Clean Boot Wim" Selected="true"
"Optimizations" Name="ISO - Boot - Delete Unneeded Editions" Selected="true"
"Optimizations" Name="ISO - Windows - Delete Unneeded Editions" Selected="true"
"Optimizations" Name="ISO - Delete Unneeded Files" Selected="true"
"Optimizations" Name="ISO - Compression Mode" Selected="true" Value="Maximum"
"Optimizations" Name="Windows - Unneeded Files Cleanup" Selected="true"
"Optimizations" Name="Windows - WinSXS Backup Folder Cleanup" Selected="true"
"Optimizations" Name="EXPERT - WinSXS Folder Cleanup (boot.wim)" Selected="true"
"Optimizations" Name="EXPERT - WinSXS Folder Compression" Selected="true" Value="LZX"

"Unattended" Name="Activate" Selected="true"
"Unattended" Name="Accept EULA" Selected="true"
"Unattended" Name="Hide Boot Image Selection" Selected="true"
"Unattended" Name="Screen Resolution" Selected="true" Horizontal="1024" Vertical="768" Bits="32" Hz="60"
"Unattended" Name="System Language" Selected="true" Value="Netherlands" Id="nl-NL"
"Unattended" Name="System Keyboard" Selected="true" Value="English (US)" Id="0409"
"Unattended" Name="Time Zone" Selected="true" Value="W. Europe Standard Time"

"Presets" Name="Automatic Removing Process" Selected="true"
"Presets" Name="Protect Important Files" Selected="true"
"Presets" Name="Protect MS Office" Selected="true"
"Presets" Name="Protect VirtualBox" Selected="true"
"Presets" Name="Protect VMware Player and Workstation" Selected="true"
"Presets" Name="Protect Windows Features" Selected="true"
"Presets" Name="Protect Windows Media Player" Selected="true"
"Presets" Name="Protect Windows Search" Selected="true"
"Presets" Name="Protect Windows Update" Selected="true"

"WinReducer Options" Name="Removing Speed" Selected="true" Value="3"

Would be nice if this could be solved.  Very Happy


Kind regards,


description[ANSWERED] [EX-100 - v1.8.6.0] [RS2 Build 15063.0] Windows Mail not removed EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] [EX-100 - v1.8.6.0] [RS2 Build 15063.0] Windows Mail not removed


Some "Accessories - Windows Mail" files are needed for "Features - Printing - Fax and Scan Services", so if you remove this "Features" component it will remove all "Accessories - Windows Mail" files.

Have a nice day !
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