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descriptionConcept - "Aftermarket" WinReducer  EmptyConcept - "Aftermarket" WinReducer

Hi @winterstorm2050, I don't know if I already asked this or it was all in my mind Very Happy Would it be possible to have a WinReducer build that works on an already installed system? I mean, I have Windows 10 (untouched) installed, then I use WinReducer and select what i need, apply, reboot and I have a custom buld without the need of building a ISO every time.. Maybe it's fantasy, but this would be awesome since every new build adds a lot of components/tweaks/fixes and it's hard to keep up with that Very Happy

edit: sort of NTLite "Live-install Modifications"..


descriptionConcept - "Aftermarket" WinReducer  EmptyRe: Concept - "Aftermarket" WinReducer

Hello carlese Smile

I confirm, this is planned to add such functionality this year .... among many other things Wink

I wish you to have a nice day !
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