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description[ANSWERED] [EX-100 - v1.8.0.0] unsupported edition Empty[ANSWERED] [EX-100 - v1.8.0.0] unsupported edition

hi winter,

im using my normal Win10 ProN x64 iso RS1 Build 14393 but with the new version i get stuck at the MOUNT windows which says im using an unsupported version

edit: ok it seems the .wim is kinda damaged i cant open it with 7zip either. i will try to extract it again with winreducer, and if that does now work i will extract it manually

description[ANSWERED] [EX-100 - v1.8.0.0] unsupported edition EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] [EX-100 - v1.8.0.0] unsupported edition

ok nevermind, somehow my iso got broken which i used for months oO

So maybe its a sign to update to RS2 xD
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