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descriptionEX-81 - v1.6.10.3 EmptyEX-81 - v1.6.10.3

I just opened EX-81 - v1.6.10.3 and both features and services tab is empty. Is there something wrong with EX-81 - v1.6.10.3;

descriptionEX-81 - v1.6.10.3 EmptyRe: EX-81 - v1.6.10.3

I tried to integrate Framework35, I encountered an error ...
  Other updates were integrated correctly!
  Other tests, with pleasure, when I have access to them.
                                                                      A nice day!  Smile

descriptionEX-81 - v1.6.10.3 EmptyRe: EX-81 - v1.6.10.3

Hello guys,

Thank you for your feedbacks ... I really appreciate them Smile

@victor123 : This is normal ... all components will be updated progressively in the next weeks using the WRSEB versions.

@ruby2hora : I will have a look at this ... thank you

P.S. : I will open the dedicated WRSEB forum later today, so I will move this discussion in the correct thread Wink
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