When I am making a new build I like to set as much as I can through the registry import. The default UAC setting give some problems when playing video in for example Media Player Classic. When starting another program and the UAC dims the desktop the video crashes. Setting this to the UAC 'do not dim the desktop' setting it solves the problems. It is really a small problem and I can set this manually in a few seconds through account control.

I am only just wondering what the exact registry import I should use in Winreducer to set this automaticly after setup. In the tweaks section of Winreducer it has the option to disable UAC, Maybe it can be included to set the 'do not dim the desktop' option in the tweaks section also.


Did some more googling and found that it is called 'PromptOnSecureDesktop' in the registry. The site also gave a registry import file to enable or disable it under UAC.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; Disable Secure Desktop

Adding this to the next build from now on.

Thanks again.