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descriptionProblems with WinReducer? Start looking here! EmptyProblems with WinReducer? Start looking here!

This is only a quick collection of ideas and problems that some of you may have encountered troughout time - the intention of this topic is to give everyone a start guideline of what might have caused a problem with WinReducer. All the ideas sould be applicable to any versions of WinReducer (EX 7.0, 8.0, 8.1 and 10.0). Thanks go to KrX and WinReducer, who gave me some input already!
- First you should use a PC/Notebook/Tablet with at least Windows 7 with SP1 or newer installed
- Use a fresh installed and untouched Windows as a basis (do NOT use an already altered version!)
- You can also set up a Virtual PC, install your untouched Windows there and run WinReducer in the virtual environment (this is a good idea if you have already a reduced/altered Windows as your basis, or if you don‘t want to deactivate all your protection software)
- Please deactivate your Antivirus/Firewall/Spyware detection tools before running WinReducer!
- Update WinReducer to the latest version and extract it in the root folder of your drive (e.g. C:\, D:\)
- Do NOT use special charakters or a space in the WinReducer path like: “C:\WinReducer.7\” or “C:\WinReducer 7\”
- You need at least 15GB of free disk space to work with WinReducer
- Be sure to run your virtual or real environment with administrative privileges
- Run WinReducer with right click “run as administrator”
- Extract your ISO that you wish to change and after the extraction close WinReducer
- Check the folder preferences via right click and uncheck “write protection” for both the WinReducer folder and the extracted one, if this might be checked
- Start WinReducer once again, select your folder and mount your preferred version
- After WinReducer has successfully loaded your Windows, configure your system to your likes
- Before starting the reduction/tweaking please always save your configuration

Things that might cause some troubles:
- Windows Services deactivated (application experience, windows update, windows firewall)
- Windows User Account Control (UAC)
- Antivirus, Firewalls, Malware Protection Software, Malware Cleaner
- Encryption
- Missing administrative rights

If you have any aditional ideas you like to add, please feel free to post it here. It might help somebody else!

descriptionProblems with WinReducer? Start looking here! EmptyRe: Problems with WinReducer? Start looking here!

Can I ask will windows update replace and add back things that have been removed? 

So providing windows update works if i install a reduced iso on to my computer then launch windows update will it try and install things it finds i have removed

descriptionProblems with WinReducer? Start looking here! EmptyRe: Problems with WinReducer? Start looking here!

Update services have been deactivated and this error occurs. If I leave the services unconfigured, this error also appears.
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