Hi winterstorm2050. Message to the program developer. Please ordinary users do not comment on these bugs, because they are real and from - for it does not remove redundant components, and leaves them in the system as waste.

I installed all the updates in audit mode. then he made an image capture and save. After a further 500 set updates.As a result, I have found 520 - 523 update.

1. This version does not remove all of the components that are selected. In wccf all registers, but in fact when you come into the folder where nothing should be there in full volume it stays.
2. It does not work, none of the deep cleaning of options and it does not matter, you have to apply it without removing components or with their removal, the same result.
3. After removing the component office, browsers and other programs are not installed. He writes that the system has an unknown language, even though I put a checkmark in points to save important files and protect upgrade. In version 1.5, these bugs were not.

4. My wccf if need: http://dropmefiles.com/vyMrj
In version 1.5 it worked, or almost all.

My version of the operating system:

Bugs v1.6.1.0  A79d04bfd6606563529daa9741b27f22

If you want to refer to the fact that you need to use the regular version windows, without updates, I, in turn, will answer that it makes no sense. Since those additional updates and fixes to fix what is not through the center of the update fixes windows.

In turn, I can throw off the register or self Wim image so that you can update the registry of the program, as it is more advanced with respect to the normal, so the program can correctly analyze the registry and files and delete them, and not to leave the garbage, with that nothing can be done.