I got a new job so I been scarce around here and so I just wanted to drop in to give a big Shout Out to WinterStorm and let him know I just did a build last night with WREX100 0.9.12 and I had to go buy a bottle of French wine to celebrate!!  I am so happy when the build went smooth as a strawberry milkshake and installed without one single hiccup and it is running so nicely!!  This build is Windows 10 Version 1607 OS build 14393.447 and it installed with all the drivers correctly and integrated all the updates and then even ran 2 new updates after install.  Not one single problem!!  I gotta tell ya, this is THE BEST Windows 10 build YET since this project started and it's been so long I forget when that was.  And now I seen there is already a version 0.9.13 and so of course I can't help but do yet another build and I think I have learned it's bad luck to read the change-logs  haha  So I will skip that part and just do another build and hope it goes as well this time. 

Thank you very much WinterStorm for all your hard work on this project.  And it was nice to drop in and say howdy to everyone and hope all is well and I hope Europe is as happy as us Americans having a new President that is gonna make the whole world rich  lol!  Hey, as I always say, it never hurts to dream, right?  Anyways I am sure everyone knows it can ONLY get better all around the world and lets hope it all starts right here in my back yard.  And who knows maybe with WREX100 working so well it might just help us Make America Great Again!!!!    cheers 

Ok, off to run another build with the new version out today and everyone take care.   geek

And oh, if I get a few minutes this weekend I will stop back by and read up on all the news I have missed and I will attach to this post the presets I am using that ROCK!!!

The Geekster