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description[ANSWERED] problems downloading software Empty[ANSWERED] problems downloading software

Using Winreducer current version when selecting to download all softwares randomly dism, oscdimg or resource hacker are downloaded, but after Winreducer display one message
Software Detection ==> Unable to download necessary files to install "ResHacker", try again later or contact the WinReducer developer ...
Not is being possible to download because all time finish with the message above. When not is reshacker is dism or oscdimg and if in next try reshacker was downloaded the error message will be dism and after in next try reshacker and all again.
Not wrong files or problems in winreducer folder
Not problems in my internet connection and not firewall blocking.
Perhaps one bug ?
Another detail is that 7-Zip version selected to download is 16.02. but current version is 16.03.
Thanks for read my post.

description[ANSWERED] problems downloading software EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] problems downloading software


Your antivirus may also lock the downloads ... have you tried to disable it temporary ?

If the downloads troubles are randoms, this may not be a WinReducer bug Wink

About 7zip, I will update it in the next build, thank you for the report Smile
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