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description[ANSWERED] onedrive removing Empty[ANSWERED] onedrive removing

WinReducer database says:
Protect MS Online Account
    - "Features - Work Folders"
    - "Remove - Network - OneDrive"
    - "Services - Work Folders Service"

i don't select protect online account but one drive, work folders and services are didn't remove.
i can deleted onedrive's exe manually, please help me.
maybe new bug appeared in new version
config file

description[ANSWERED] onedrive removing EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] onedrive removing

Please see my post on this subject:

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as it has been reported as a bug.  There is a workaround however, that Hen Ry shared with us and that I wrote about on that page I reference above

and it is this tool called DWS Lite

[ANSWERED] onedrive removing Empty 15. DWS Lite 1.6 FINAL

It works quite well and I have been using it everytime I have a new build.  And by the way, I also reported Work Folders Service can not be removed anymore as well.  

I hope this clears things up a little bit.

The Geekster

description[ANSWERED] onedrive removing EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] onedrive removing


The same WinReducer Components are also used for:
- "Presets - Protect Modern UI Apps" (components needed for Windows Store)

I wish you to have a nice day !
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