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description[ANSWERED] Doubt about services  Empty[ANSWERED] Doubt about services

Good morning , all right? I have a question , what programs I can make manual or disable in Windows 7 ?



     ActiveX Installer - Some Gadgets depend on this
     Adaptive Brightness
     Application Experience - Breaks Locked Authorization Files
     Application Identity          \ *.exe and *.msi installations work well without these two...
     Application Information   / ...When they work"
     Application Layer Gateway Service - Folder Sharing and Certain Network services, like Wi-Fi Printers depend on this
     Application Management - If removed, Windows Runs faster, but software related errors start displaying
Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) - Breaks Windows Setup, and Windows
Update, as well as many of Microsoft made installers
     Base Filtering Engine - If Removed, CPU Activity raises to 100%
     BitLocker Drive Encryption Service - Hardware Encrypting Support
     Block Level Backup Engine Server - Need for Backup and Recovery
     Bluetooth Support Service - Breaks Bluetooth
     Branch Cache  - Microsoft P2P Support
     Certificate Propagation
     CNG Key Isolation - Wi-Fi Support
Event System - May break Windows Logon and Logoff Sessions, and SPP
Notification Service, Windows Update, and Microsoft made installers
     COM+ System Application
     Computer Browser - Folder Sharing and Certain Network services, like Wi-Fi Printers depend on this
     Credential Manager - To keep the Shortcut in Control Panel
     Cryptographic Services - Need for 'Internet Explorer 8' Support, Windows Update and Microsoft made Installers
     DCOM Server Process Launcher - Many services depend on this
     Desktop Window Manager Session Manager - Breaks 'Windows Aero Themes'
     DHCP Client - Breaks Networking, NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     Diagnostic Policy Service   \
     Diagnostic Service Host      | - Breaks System Diagnostic Engine
     Diagnostic System Host     /
     Disk Defragmenter - Need for Defragmentation, unless you use a third-party application
     Distributed Link Tracking Client
     Distributed Transaction Coordinator
     DNS Client
     Encrypting File System (EFS) - Software Encrypting System
     Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) - Wi-Fi Support
     Fax - Need for Fax. (Keep the driver and "Windows Fax and Scanner" too)
     Function Discovery Provider Host - Need for Homegroup, Media Player and Media Center
     Function Discovery Resource Publication
     Group Policy Client
     Health Key and Certificate Management - Wi-Fi Support
     HomeGroup Listener -   \ Need for Homegroup,
     HomeGroup Provider -   / Media Player and Media Center
     Human Interface Device Access (HID Access) - For Multimedia Keys and the like...
     IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules - Network Security Module, NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     Interactive Services Detection
     Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
     IP Helper
     IPsec Policy Agent - Network Security Module, NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator
     Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper - Breaks Networking, NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     Media Center Extender Service - Need for Media Center
     Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X64
     Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X86
     Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service
     Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider - Need for Backup and Recovery
     Multimedia Class Scheduler - Need for Audio Support
     Net. Tcp Port Sharing Service  - Microsoft P2P Support
     Network Access Protection Agent (NAPAGEN)
     Network Connections                      \
     Network List Service                         | Breaks Networking,
     Network Location Awareness         | NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     Network Store Interface Service   /
     Offline Files
     Parental Controls - Never stopped anyone I know from anything
     Peer Name Resolution Protocol         \
     Peer Networking Grouping                  |- Microsoft P2P Support
     Peer Networking Identity Manager   /
     Performance Logs and Alerts
     Plug and Play
     PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator
     PNRP Machine Name Publication Service - Microsoft P2P Support
     Portable Device Enumerator Service - Need for Autoplay, Media Player and Media Center
     Print Spooler - breaks Printer Support
     Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support
     Program Compatibility Assistant Service
     Protected Storage - Software Encrypting System
     Quality Windows Audio Video Experience - Recommended for Audio Support
     Remote Access Auto Connection Manager                      \
     Remote Access Connection Manager                                |
     Remote Desktop Configuration                                          |- Need for Remote Access
     Remote Desktop Services                                                    |
     Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector   /
     Remote Procedure Call (RPC)- Many Services Depend on this
     Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator   \
     Remote Registry                                         |- Need for Remote Access
     Routing and Remote Access                    /
     RPC Endpoint Manager - Breaks "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)"
     Secondary Logon - Need for Blizzard Games
     Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service
     Security Accounts Manager - Software Encrypting System
     Security Center
     Server - Breaks Printer Support
     Shell Hardware Detection - Need for Autoplay, Media Player, Media Center, and Printers & Scanners
     Smart Card
     Smart Card Removal Policy
     SNMP Trap
     Software Protection          \ Breaks Software Installation
     SPP Notification Service   / and Related services
     SSDP Discovery - Need for Media Center
     Superfetch - Keep it if you Need Prefetch
     System Event Notification Service - Need for Windows Update
     Tablet PC Input Service - Pen compatibility
     TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
     Thread Ordering Service - Slows Down OS
     TPM Base Services - Hardware Encrypting Support
     UPnP Device Host - Need for Media Center
     User Profile Service - Breaks Windows Logon and Logoff Sessions
     Virtual Disk - Breaks support for "HDD Service" in "Microsoft Common Console"
     Volume Shadow Copy - Need for Backup and Recovery, and Intel SSD toolbox
     Web Client
     Windows Aero Themes - Theme Support
     Windows Audio - Need for Audio Support
     Windows Audio Endpoint Builder - Need for Audio Support
     Windows Backup
     Windows Biometric Services- Very few Face Recognition Softwares actually use this
     Windows Card Space
     Windows Color System
     Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar - Wi-Fi Support
     Windows Defender - Security, Only Remove if you install a third-party Antivirus
     Windows Driver Foundation - User-Mode Driver Framework - Slows down OS
     Windows Error Reporting Service - May Break some Games, like Gears of War
     Windows Event Collector - Breaks "Windows Event Log"
     Windows Event Log
     Windows Firewall - Breaks 'Share Folder' and some other network functions
     Windows Font Cache Services - Slows Down OS
     Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) - Scanner Support
     Windows Installer - Breaks  *.msi installers, and Windows Default Features
     Windows Management Instrumentation
     Windows Media Center Receiver Service     \ Need for Media Center
     Windows Media Center Scheduler Service   / and some TV Card softwares
     Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service - Need for Media Player
     Windows Modules Installer - Breaks many Software Installers, and Windows Default Features
     Windows Phone Dialer - Modem Support, and required for certain Cellphones Softwares
     Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache
     Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) - Need for Remote Access
     Windows Search - Breaks Library Folders (Keep on Features Also)
     Windows Time
     Windows Update
     WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service
     Wired AutoConfig
     WLAN AutoConfig - Wi-Fi Support
     WMI Performance Adapter
     Workstation - Keep for 'Computer Browser', Folder Sharing and Certain Network services, like Wi-Fi Printers
     WWAN Auto Config - Need for (some) PPoE connections

description[ANSWERED] Doubt about services  EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Doubt about services


you could get a look here:

scroll a bit down and look at the column "Safe"
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