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description[ANSWERED] some problems Empty[ANSWERED] some problems

who can answer some problems:
1a,Which diference betwen  free and paid software?
1,Context Menu, send to desktop shortcut , to recover?
2,Some blank icon remain in conrol panel ,like desktop tools ,disk clean ,how to remove?
3,What is Natural Languages which can be removed?
4,Cannot find native keyboard and language
5,Selecting WinSXS Folder Cleanup (install.wim), it will remove all content of this folder??
6,Missing sysprep function always error after every slimming,how to keep sysprep funtion  integrated?


description[ANSWERED] some problems EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] some problems


Which WinReducer EX-81 version are you using Smile

1a - Please read these website FAQ pages about this :

1 - you seems to activate : "Tweaks - Context Menu - Remove SendTo link"

2 - For this I need 2 things :
- your wccf (WinReducer Presets File), to try to reproduce this
- the name of your Windows Edition and the Version

3 - "Natural Language" : Natural language is a tool which helps users search for files using a more familiar input language. For instance, if you are looking for music by Beethoven and Mozart, you’ll have to write the filter in the following way: kind: music artist: (Beethoven AND Mozart), but once Natural language is turned on, you’ll be able to use this much simpler version: music Beethoven or Mozart. To enable this feature, navigate to Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Folder Options and under the Search tab, you will find a checkbox labelled “Use natural language search”. Once you’ve checked this box you should be all set. (Source)

4 - I'm not sure to understand what you really want to do, could you please tell me more about this, thanks Smile

5 - There are 2 options for the WinSxS cleanup folder :
- "Optimizations - Windows - WinSXS Backup Folder Cleanup" : it only cleans one folder in the WinSxS : "Backup". This deletes all files in it, and has the advantage that you keep many Windows Functionalities available like Windows Update. But in the other hand, the cleanup size reduction is visible but not big
- "Optimizations - EXPERT - WinSXS Folder Cleanup (install.wim)" : This removes almost all files in the WinSxS folder with a huge size reduction, but you will loose many Windows Functionalities especially like Windows Update

6 - Sysprep is not working properly after a cleanup, have you tried to use "Presets - Protect Sysprep" ?

I wish you to have a nice day !
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