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description[SOLVED] settings Empty[SOLVED] settings

hi tried and found some bugs...1. in settings wen i choose region and language and if i click on my language and options..the window open and close directly...
2. i cannot install DivX converter pro..maybe i removed something who is needed for this program

description[SOLVED] settings EmptyRe: [SOLVED] settings


Thank you for the feedback.

I moved your topic in the bugs part Smile

description[SOLVED] settings EmptyRe: [SOLVED] settings

so i tested it with the newest version of winreducer and i removed really everything exept

Control Panel - Language Settings
Control Panel - Language Settings (Files)

and it worked, the window did not close after clicking on options.

about your divx problem, did you maybe remove net framework ? i never got any problem installing software exept i remove net framework or windows update and i need to download net framework 3.5
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