Thanks for you read my post.
After of first release of Windows 10 PRO 10240 was posted in Windows Insider forums that Microsoft had added memory compression to Windows Kernel for recent releases.
Memory compression use an area of memory RAM to compress memory that will be moved to pagefile. Good feature that remember MagnaRAM for Windows 98, but not work of same mode.
In first release 10240 have a Windows process named
Recently Microsoft had posted in Windows Insider SYSTEM. That process use more and more memory after of an time using the system.
With the new updates now the process that make the same result above is called of memory compression.
The detail is in first release 10240 when the process SYSTEM use more memory the system use less memory and more free memory is available. For that feature work pagefile need to be activated even if Windows not will move memory to pagefile.
Perhaps memory compression is in Windows 10 since of first relase and after that feature was improved ?

Which files KB of Windows Update add a feauture compression store and make Windows 10 first relase being 10525 ?