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descriptionServer Execution Failed EmptyServer Execution Failed

When I either try to access the Control Panel or do a rifht click on the desktop and choose 'Personalize' after 30 seconds I get the above message.

What was removed that would cause this?

descriptionServer Execution Failed EmptyRe: Server Execution Failed


i never got this error, even when removing everything you can with winreducer.

i was searching the internet and found mostly problems with windows media player, to fix this they just disable the windows media player service.

but searching problems with personalization i found this two threads:

maybe this will help you too

descriptionServer Execution Failed EmptyRe: Server Execution Failed

I failed to add that this is with "Explorer.exe" I was just going to do a search after a 2nd failed attempt. I thought it was a 'network' thing based on the term "Server" used. But, I should know better since M$ almost NEVER has a meaningful error message.  Evil or Very Mad

I did change the location of some of the System User Folders (Documents, Downloads, Music, Photos & Videos)  since I never use that "Users" Folder to store files. According to that one post, that may be the issue.

Has anyone here managed to change any of those locations away from 'C' drive? confused
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