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descriptionInternet browser ads-blocker EmptyInternet browser ads-blocker

Hello guys,

As you know, there are no ads in the website and in the forum (you may only see some ads when you are not logged in), so I always encourage you to use an ad-blocker to remove all these things which are slowing down all loading pages.

I used "Ghostery", but removed it with the great advice of WinReducer Users, because Ghostery is like a small Google Wink

Then I used "Ad-Block Plus", but I also removed it because there are too many ads which are not blocked.

And finally I discovered "uBlock Origin" which is really efficient (maybe too much on some domains), so I do not see any more ads, and the loading page is really fast with my ADSL connection. It uses a very little RAM memory footprint, so it seems to be a good alternative, at least for the moment.

I wish you to have, all of you, a nice day !

descriptionInternet browser ads-blocker EmptyRe: Internet browser ads-blocker

im using Ad Block Plus since a long time, at the beginning if there was an ad that wasnt removed i just right clicked it and added it to the ad block filter.

i did it some times on several pages and since than 99% of all adds are removed (even on websites i visit the first time).

Even annoying chats with sounds when someone posts are removed that way (not the chat here Razz )

and because i save my firefox profile with "MozBackup 1.5.1" when i reinstall my windows, the filter for ad block and even all my visited pages, links and bookmarks are saved and i can restore all that Wink

descriptionInternet browser ads-blocker EmptyRe: Internet browser ads-blocker

Hello KrX,

I have to admit that I liked "Ad-block Plus" but I found, in the last times, the loading page really slow and the ram footprint really high for my adsl connection Wink ... Maybe in the future I will give it another try Smile

Just for the record, I'm using a portable software on a separate partition of my system ... so like this, each time I reinstall my machine I will not have to recreate all software configurations. Firefox is able to auto-update it like the normal installed version. But this is not the case for many other software like Chrome, Opera : for those ones, you just need to download the updated portable apps package and launch it to replace your version by the new one.

Here is the link for "Portable Apps" website in case someone is interested :

Very Happy
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