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descriptionUnsolved annoyances after slimming down W7 EmptyUnsolved annoyances after slimming down W7

I want to give it another go w/ Win7, but there are a few really annoying functions that I can't seem to get rid of.

1. Locked files by themselves or within folders that were previously opened.
Yes, I do use 'unlocker' but it doesn't always work, besides it's a PITA every time just to delete a NON system file or folder. Whatever process/function etc. that is responsible, can that be removed or disabled completely using Winreducer??

2. Libraries.
More annoying than the above. IIRC, there is a checkbox for this somewhere in this program, but I'm not sure if I tried to use it and if I did, it didn't work. Can Libraries be removed with all the references to it removed?

3. Changing the default Explorer window open size from that 16x9 aspect ratio (that is useless) to a 'tall' column window.
Yes, I do use ResizeEnable, but that doesn't always work. 

4. Removing the reference to saving everything in 'C' drive buried in that damn "Users" folder.
Yes, you can change the 'save to' in most programs, but that seems endless and it doesn't always hold.

To a much lessor extent;
5. Idiot Exploiter; I believe there is a check box for this also, but does that actually work? Is it really gone, or are remnants left over since it is tied to the O/S thru 'Explorer'??

descriptionUnsolved annoyances after slimming down W7 EmptyRe: Unsolved annoyances after slimming down W7

I should add, I'm using the Super (Hidden) Admin account!! One would think that wouldn't be a problem.  Mad
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