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I just purchased a Platinum VIP membership for WinReducer yesterday. I thought it would be wise to share what I've put together with the help of other forums members over the years. Original format/layout credits go to *Original Creator: Phsmu from WinReducer Forums*
I also have this saved as a ".htm" file which is color coded but i couldn't find the attachment link for the forums. I have a few text documents with random helpful info that I'll sift through to see if anything potentially useful comes up. Hope this helps in any way shape or form! Thanks for the awesome software!

     Action Center - Breaks WinSAT
     Aero Cursors - Breaks 'Windows Aero Themes'
     Character Map
     Clear Type Tuner
     Default Computer Program Access
     Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard
     Disk CleanUp - Breaks WinSAT
          Chess Titans
          Free Cell
          More Games
               Internet Backgammon
               Internet Checkers
               Internet Spades
          Purble Place
          Spider Solitaire
     Infrared File Transfer Application
     Mobility Center - Some DELL notebooks (ex. XPS15) may Need this for function buttons
     Notepad - Why not Install Notepad++
     On-Screen Magnifier
     People Near Me
     Projector Connectivity
     Speech Support
     Sticky Notes
     System Informations - Hardware Information Application
     Welcome Center
     Windows Contacts - Need for Windows Mail, and Outlook
     Windows Fax and Scanner - Keep it you Need a Fax
     Windows Repair Disc - Useful for Windows Backup
     Windows Sidebar
     Windows Side Show - If your PC has an extra little screen, KEEP this
     1934 Driver
     Display - Need for WinSAT
          ATI Technologies
          Intel Corporation   \ NVIDIA Optimus Needs this
          NVIDIA                     / And this
          Standard VGA Graphics Adapter - Integrate Appropriate Drivers Before Deleting
     Media Managers
               High Definition Audio Driver (Default) - Need for Audio Support
               Creative Technology
               Microsoft Audio Home Theater - Need for Audio Support, Some Hardware may work without
               WDM Audio Drivers - Need for Audio Support
          1934 Desktop Camera
          AFA Technologies
          ATI Technologies
          Aver Media Technologies
          EEE 1934 DV Camera
          IEEE 1934 Tape Subunit Devices
          Luminate Angel Devices
          Microsoft Media Manager - Need for Audio Support
          Microsoft SideShow Driver
          Agere Systems
          Anchor Datacom BV
          Archtek Telecom
          Askey and Cardinal
          ATI Technologies
          Banksia, Meastro
          Boca Research
          BSB Datenteschnik
          Creative Labs
          Creatix Polymedia
          CPV Sollmann Datensysteme
          Dynalinks and Todos
          Eiger Labs
          Gateway 2000
          GSM Cellular
          Haeussler DK &NO
          Hayes Accura
          Hot Line Export AB
          I-O DATA DEVICE
          Ke Kommunikations Elektronic
          Megahertz Corporation
          MICRO Research
          Modular Technology
          Neuhaus Telekommunikation
          Nokia - Modem Support, and required for certain Cellphones Software
          Novalink Technologies
          NTT Docomo
          Penril Datability Networks
          Practical Peripherals
          Psion Dacom
          Rockwell & Cirrus
          Sierra Semiconductor
          SONY                                                                             \
          Sony Ericsson                                                               | Required for certain Cellphones Software
          Sony Ericsson and Motorola Bluetooth Modem   /
          Standard Modem Drivers - Modem Support, and required for certain Cellphones Software
          Supra Corporation
          TDK Corporation
          Texas Instruments
          TRON B.V. Datacommunicatie
          U.S. Robotics - France
          U.S. Robotics - Europe
          U.S. Robotics - Sportster
          U.S. Robotics - Telepath, IBM
          V. DOT
          Zoom Telephonics
          AIO Network Driver (Global Driver)
          ATI Technologies
          Atheros and Gigabyte
          Intel Corporation - Keep for VMWare and Virtual Box
          Marvell Yukon
          VIA Technologies
          Fuji Xerox
          Lexmark International
          XPS Document Writer
          Kyocera Mita
          Microsoft - Need for Scanner Support
          Xerox Corporation
     Storage Controllers - Integrate Appropriate Drivers before Deleting
          ATI Technologies
          ICP Vortex
          Intel Corporation -  Keep these for VMWare and Virtualbox
          LSI Corporation -  Keep these for VMWare
          Microsoft - Keep these for VMWare, Virtualbox, and VHD (Sysprep)
          Promise Technology
          Qlogic Corporation
          SIS Technologies
          VIA Technologies
          ACPI Power Meter
          AGP Filter
          BLB Driver - Makes a [!] appear in the Device Manager on certain Machines
          CIR Class Enumerator - Keep if your Computer has a Remote
          Composite Bus Enumerator
          EAP Host
          Generic IPMI Compliant Device
          Generic UM Pass Device
          High Definition Audio Bus Driver - Need for Audio Support
          Hyper-V Integration Components
          Hyper-V Synthetic Video
          Hyper-V Virtual Disk Acceleration Filter
          IEEE 1667
          Intel Quick Data Technology Device
          IOCTL Processor
          LSI Raid Virtual Device
          Microsoft Emulated S3 Device Cap
          MSDSM Driver
          PCMCIA Controller
          QLogic Null
          RDP Device Redirector
          SCSI Device - Keep for VMWare
          UM Bus Enumerator
          Virtual AVC Device
          Virtual Machine Bus
          Watchdog Time Device
     TV Tuners
          ADS Technologies
          ASUSTEK Computer
          Aver Media Technologies
          Compro Technology
          KNC ONE GMBH
          NXP Semi-Conductor
          Philips Semi-Conductors
          Pinnacle Systems
          Terratec Electronic GmbH
          VidZ Media
     Bluetooth - Need for most Bluetooth devices, even if an external Driver is integrated
     Digital Media Devices
     Diva Client
     Floppy Driver - For Jurassic Machines
     Smart Card
Language Packs
     Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
     Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
     Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong, S.A.R.)
     Japanese - Office 2010
     Norwegian, Bokmal
     Portuguese (Brazil)
     Serbian (Latin)
     Autoplay - Need for Media Player and Media Center
     Mobile PC Presentation - Keep it if you do a lot of Powerpoint Presentations
     Sample Music and Videos
     Sample Pictures
     Sound Recorder - Install a useful one instead
     Windows Aero Themes - Break 'Windows Aero Themes'
     Windows Codec Packages - Need for Media Player
     Windows DVD Maker
     Windows ISO Burn - Repair Disk Needs this
     Windows Media Center
     Windows Media Encoders and Decoders - Need for Media Player
     Windows Media Player
     Windows Photo Gallery
     Windows Photo Viewer
     Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard - Scanner Support
     Windows Sounds
     Windows Wallpapers - Break 'Windows Aero Themes'
     Connect to Network Projector
     Internet Explorer - Some Programs Need this for compatibility
     Internet Information Services - Some Programs Need this for compatibility
     Network Explorer and Sharing Center
     Remote Desktop and Assistance
     Remote Desktop Connection
     TCP/IP Applications   \
     Telnet Client                | Some network tasks may use this
     Telnet Server              /
     Windows Mail
     Windows Presentation Foundation Host - Breaks .NET Framework 4.0
     ActiveX Installer - Some Gadgets depend on this
     Adaptive Brightness
     Application Experience - Breaks Locked Authorization Files
     Application Identity          \ *.exe and *.msi installations work well without these two...
     Application Information   / ...When they work"
     Application Layer Gateway Service - Folder Sharing and Certain Network services, like Wi-Fi Printers depend on this
     Application Management - If removed, Windows Runs faster, but software related errors start displaying
     Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) - Breaks Windows Setup, and Windows Update, as well as many of Microsoft made installers
     Base Filtering Engine - If Removed, CPU Activity raises to 100%
     BitLocker Drive Encryption Service - Hardware Encrypting Support
     Block Level Backup Engine Server - Need for Backup and Recovery
     Bluetooth Support Service - Breaks Bluetooth
     Branch Cache  - Microsoft P2P Support
     Certificate Propagation
     CNG Key Isolation - Wi-Fi Support
     COM+ Event System - May break Windows Logon and Logoff Sessions, and SPP Notification Service, Windows Update, and Microsoft made installers
     COM+ System Application
     Computer Browser - Folder Sharing and Certain Network services, like Wi-Fi Printers depend on this
     Credential Manager - To keep the Shortcut in Control Panel
     Cryptographic Services - Need for 'Internet Explorer 8' Support, Windows Update and Microsoft made Installers
     DCOM Server Process Launcher - Many services depend on this
     Desktop Window Manager Session Manager - Breaks 'Windows Aero Themes'
     DHCP Client - Breaks Networking, NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     Diagnostic Policy Service   \
     Diagnostic Service Host      | - Breaks System Diagnostic Engine
     Diagnostic System Host     /
     Disk Defragmenter - Need for Defragmentation, unless you use a third-party application
     Distributed Link Tracking Client
     Distributed Transaction Coordinator
     DNS Client
     Encrypting File System (EFS) - Software Encrypting System
     Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) - Wi-Fi Support
     Fax - Need for Fax. (Keep the driver and "Windows Fax and Scanner" too)
     Function Discovery Provider Host - Need for Homegroup, Media Player and Media Center
     Function Discovery Resource Publication
     Group Policy Client
     Health Key and Certificate Management - Wi-Fi Support
     HomeGroup Listener -   \ Need for Homegroup,
     HomeGroup Provider -   / Media Player and Media Center
     Human Interface Device Access (HID Access) - For Multimedia Keys and the like...
     IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules - Network Security Module, NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     Interactive Services Detection
     Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
     IP Helper
     IPsec Policy Agent - Network Security Module, NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator
     Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper - Breaks Networking, NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     Media Center Extender Service - Need for Media Center
     Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X64
     Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X86
     Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service
     Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider - Need for Backup and Recovery
     Multimedia Class Scheduler - Need for Audio Support
     Net. Tcp Port Sharing Service  - Microsoft P2P Support
     Network Access Protection Agent (NAPAGEN)
     Network Connections                      \
     Network List Service                         | Breaks Networking,
     Network Location Awareness         | NOT SAFE TO REMOVE!
     Network Store Interface Service   /
     Offline Files
     Parental Controls - Never stopped anyone I know from anything
     Peer Name Resolution Protocol         \
     Peer Networking Grouping                  |- Microsoft P2P Support
     Peer Networking Identity Manager   /
     Performance Logs and Alerts
     Plug and Play
     PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator
     PNRP Machine Name Publication Service - Microsoft P2P Support
     Portable Device Enumerator Service - Need for Autoplay, Media Player and Media Center
     Print Spooler - breaks Printer Support
     Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support
     Program Compatibility Assistant Service
     Protected Storage - Software Encrypting System
     Quality Windows Audio Video Experience - Recommended for Audio Support
     Remote Access Auto Connection Manager                      \
     Remote Access Connection Manager                                |
     Remote Desktop Configuration                                          |- Need for Remote Access
     Remote Desktop Services                                                    |
     Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector   /
     Remote Procedure Call (RPC)- Many Services Depend on this
     Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator   \
     Remote Registry                                         |- Need for Remote Access
     Routing and Remote Access                    /
     RPC Endpoint Manager - Breaks "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)"
     Secondary Logon - Need for Blizzard Games
     Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service
     Security Accounts Manager - Software Encrypting System
     Security Center
     Server - Breaks Printer Support
     Shell Hardware Detection - Need for Autoplay, Media Player, Media Center, and Printers & Scanners
     Smart Card
     Smart Card Removal Policy
     SNMP Trap
     Software Protection          \ Breaks Software Installation
     SPP Notification Service   / and Related services
     SSDP Discovery - Need for Media Center
     Superfetch - Keep it if you Need Prefetch
     System Event Notification Service - Need for Windows Update
     Tablet PC Input Service - Pen compatibility
     TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
     Thread Ordering Service - Slows Down OS
     TPM Base Services - Hardware Encrypting Support
     UPnP Device Host - Need for Media Center
     User Profile Service - Breaks Windows Logon and Logoff Sessions
     Virtual Disk - Breaks support for "HDD Service" in "Microsoft Common Console"
     Volume Shadow Copy - Need for Backup and Recovery, and Intel SSD toolbox
     Web Client
     Windows Aero Themes - Theme Support
     Windows Audio - Need for Audio Support
     Windows Audio Endpoint Builder - Need for Audio Support
     Windows Backup
     Windows Biometric Services- Very few Face Recognition Softwares actually use this
     Windows Card Space
     Windows Color System
     Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar - Wi-Fi Support
     Windows Defender - Security, Only Remove if you install a third-party Antivirus
     Windows Driver Foundation - User-Mode Driver Framework - Slows down OS
     Windows Error Reporting Service - May Break some Games, like Gears of War
     Windows Event Collector - Breaks "Windows Event Log"
     Windows Event Log
     Windows Firewall - Breaks 'Share Folder' and some other network functions
     Windows Font Cache Services - Slows Down OS
     Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) - Scanner Support
     Windows Installer - Breaks  *.msi installers, and Windows Default Features
     Windows Management Instrumentation
     Windows Media Center Receiver Service     \ Need for Media Center
     Windows Media Center Scheduler Service   / and some TV Card softwares
     Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service - Need for Media Player
     Windows Modules Installer - Breaks many Software Installers, and Windows Default Features
     Windows Phone Dialer - Modem Support, and required for certain Cellphones Softwares
     Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache
     Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) - Need for Remote Access
     Windows Search - Breaks Library Folders (Keep on Features Also)
     Windows Time
     Windows Update
     WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service
     Wired AutoConfig
     WLAN AutoConfig - Wi-Fi Support
     WMI Performance Adapter
     Workstation - Keep for 'Computer Browser', Folder Sharing and Certain Network services, like Wi-Fi Printers
     WWAN Auto Config - Need for (some) PPoE connections
     Microsoft Common Console Document
          Authorization Manager
          Certificates Manager
          Computer Management
          Component Services
          Device Manager
          Disk Management
          Event Viewer
          Local Security Policy
          Local User Management
          NAP Client Configuration
          Performance Monitor
          Print Management
          Resultant Set of Policy and Group Policy
          Shared Folder Management
          Task Scheduler         
          Trusted Platform Module Management
          Windows Management Instrumentation
     Adapter Troubleshooter - That Problem Solving Wizard that never helps
     Advanced UAC
     Auto File System Recovery
     Auto File System Format Utility
     Corrupted File Recovery
     Device Pairing Application
     Disk Quota
     Display Color Calibration
     DPI Scaling
     Eventing Command Line Utility - Office 2010 Needs this
     Extended Copy Utility
     IMAPIv2 Burning Support
     Location and Mobile PC Sensor
     Manual Windows Setup
     Microsoft Custom Dictionary
     Microsoft Sync Center
     Natural Language
     On Screen Keyboard - It's useful...sometimes
     Optional Features
     Recovery - Need for Backup
     SQL Client Configuration Utility - To keep the "Credentials Manager" Shortcut in Control Panel
     System Properties - Breaks Windows Explorer System Properties
     System Restore - Need for Backup
     Tablet PC - Pen Compatibility
     Thumbnail Cache
     User Account Control - Windows WORK without, but this is kept due to security issues
     Windows Cabinet Maker
     Windows Cache Files (WinSxS) - Need for Windows Update
     Windows Easy Transfer
     Windows Font Viewer
     Windows Help - It never helps...Google it instead
     Windows Logon Reminder
     Windows Memory Diagnostics
     Windows Portable Device - Need for AutoPlay, Media Center and Media Player
     Windows PowerShell
     Windows Script Host (WSH) - Breaks RT7Lite 2.6.0 Component Removal Task
     Windows SQM Consolidator
     Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT)
     Windows Time Zone and Date
     Workspace Runtime
     XPS Viewer
     Zip Folder

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Thank you very much for sharing this !


About the file upload functionality, there is no possibility yet on the WinReducer Forum, but you may use an alternative solution described in this other thread created by KrX:

I wish you to have a nice day !

descriptionComponent Explanations... EmptyRe: Component Explanations...

Ok, but what is what? What are the bold entries? Are those to be removed?  confused
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