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descriptionTransparency in Windows 8 (Final) EmptyTransparency in Windows 8 (Final)

Hi all.
Version 1.0 has finally been released so there is no more annoying popups and also its available in a setup executable so no manual interaction needed. Just download, install and restart computer for it to take effect. Thats it cheers 

Go here.

Please note that this software is freeware just like WinReducer, so you don't have to pay for it, but like WinReducer, its good to thank these guys who put in so much of their own free time to develop these tools.

And no, I have no connection to the guy who wrote Aero Glass Smile

descriptionTransparency in Windows 8 (Final) EmptyRe: Transparency in Windows 8 (Final)

Using as we speak.. Thank you Smile
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