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About a week ago KrX and I had a really good discussion with a gentleman in the Chatbox.  He was asking if anyone had any good presets to share and he went on to explain what he was really looking for.  He didn't care what kind of build he was using on his own computer but he was more worried about making sure he had a build that would be acceptable to the company he works for.  So that got me to thinking about some of the builds I had put together so far and decided to try to put together a build that I thought would be totally safe and at the same time take out all the crapware and still have the basic Windows Operating System components.  If you are afraid to try and do a build alone or this is your first experience then these are the presets I would suggest as a good place to start.

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You can try using these presets as they are as a starting point.  Or if you are already familiar with WinReducer then you can easily go through all the presets I have selected and just uncheck things you don't want taken out.  However, just to stay on the safe side I would not suggest you taking anymore out than I already have.  If you're not sure of what you are doing then you have been given fair warning. 

Good luck to everyone that wants to try these presets out.  And of course any feedback whether it's good or bad I would love to hear from you.

Oh, and just one more thought.  Always be sure to use the Presets that are created with that version of WinReducer   They are not compatible across WinReducer versions and I had to learn that the hard way.  So in this case make sure you are using WREX81 v1.3.0.0 to load the presets.

Geekster aka Steve

descriptionGeekster's Suggested Presets EmptyRe: Geekster's Suggested Presets


Thank you for your sharing ... that should help many people to start with.

Just a tiny thing, not a big deal, could you please use, in your next posts, "WinReducer EX-81" or "EX-81"  instead of "WinReducer81" just to avoid confusion with older (unsupported) WinReducer Software.

Anyway, thank you very much for all your really interesting discussions.

I wish you to have a nice day !

descriptionGeekster's Suggested Presets EmptyRe: Geekster's Suggested Presets

Thanks for the compliment and by all means I will stick with WREX81 and WREX100 and I agree its less confusing.

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