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descriptionRestart with new build does not always RESTART EmptyRestart with new build does not always RESTART

I have no clue why this is and it only happens occasionally with some builds and other builds act just like they are supposed to.  When doing an install of a new build and the devices are all set up (drivers installed) the system wants to do a RESTART so it can finish the install.  Instead of RESTARTING it instead comes up with a blank screen and just sits there as if in hibernation mode.  Of course the only fix is to shut the computer down and turn it back on and from there all is well. 

The last thing that I've had a lot of problems with and this is with using the entire ISO and having a lot of items for WinReducer (over 600) to have to process.  And so we are going along and all seems well and we get excited become we have reached Cleaning Up Unneeded Files ............. and we wait and we wait and we wait ............. in an infinite loop forever!!  So of course so much for that build and lets hope the next one does not do that again and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it does.  Don't you just hate intermittent problems that just pop up out of nowhere and you want to just smash the screen?   haha   just kidding folks.  I love my screen too much but still its very frustrating.

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descriptionRestart with new build does not always RESTART EmptyRe: Restart with new build does not always RESTART


This is will be solved with the new removing engine (from EX-100) which will be deployed in 2016 ... the deployment will start in 2 weeks using an important (and progressive) components improvements !

Thank you for your report !
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