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Following the tip it's not necessary to integrate the updates each time again - just once

winterstorm2050 wrote:
Hello and welcome user221,

The Update integration speed is dependent of your storage type : if you are using :
- an HDD : try to defragment it should help, and also temporary disable your antivirus
- a SDD : you should have a decent speed, and also temporary disable your antivirus

I'm working on many improvements speed for the removing parts but for the updates integration, as WinReducer uses the official MS method to integrate updates, I will try to find a better way in the future.

What I encouraged you to do if you have many ISO to create : just create an ISO with only all updates integrated (without customizations), then use this new ISO to create all other customized ISO you want ... this method will save you many time because you do not have to integrate all updates each times !

I'm doing like this ... Wink

Have a good day !