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description[ANSWERED] Any Success with $OEM$ folder? Empty[ANSWERED] Any Success with $OEM$ folder?

Anyone had any luck intetrating $OEM$ folder?

Mine kept hanging forever so I gave up.... I had built the $OEM$ according to:

M$ Documentation

No Joy.

The solution was to reproduce the needed structure, and then make an SFX with Winrar...  trouble is I couldn't get it to be totally silent I'm a noob at this...

I took my sfx file "corrections.exe" and added it to the OOBE part of my Winreducer, and it worked great, except that it's noisy on install.... For my purposes (I just want the stuff to work so I don't have to spend hours making windows act right after installing) it's fine, but someone else might want it to work seamlessly...

Thanks in Advance

description[ANSWERED] Any Success with $OEM$ folder? EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Any Success with $OEM$ folder?

I think you have to put silent windows activation software in order to make it work properly. 

I'm not 100% sure on this one......
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