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description[ANSWERED} Automatic Updates Downloader Empty[ANSWERED} Automatic Updates Downloader


I have a question. When I click on Drivers and Software Links, app such as 7zip and firefox, there are no download button unlike the Windows Updates Tab

Also, is the windows updates tab only show the updates that my current distribution doesn't have or it is just a list of that catalog month?

Do the downloaded updates automatically integrate to the ISO and that I don't have to do anything?


description[ANSWERED} Automatic Updates Downloader EmptyRe: [ANSWERED} Automatic Updates Downloader


In "Updates Catalog" tab :

1) For "Drivers and Software" : there are only all links to redirect you to all owners website

2) For "Windows Updates" : these are all needed updates to perform a recommended Windows installation. It also automatically removes all deprecated updates

3) To integrate your downloaded "Updates" using WinReducer, you need to use the "System -> Integrate -> Updates" tool, and choose a path for your updates : use the "..." button to define your updates storage folder ... if you used WinReducer to download them, just hit OK, and it will be automatically and correctly configured, according to your mounted ISO architecture (x86 or x64) ! Once, you understand how to do, this is really easy ... Wink
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