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description[SOLVED] Gadgets -->weather Empty[SOLVED] Gadgets -->weather

I use v3.09  twice to reduce msdn win7 iso in this morning. one  select Gadgets all,second  deslect  all. But same thing is pending
on "Gadgets -->weather" and appear dialog box "Are you sure you want to exit, you will loose all your change" automatically.
Is that bug ?

description[SOLVED] Gadgets -->weather EmptyRe: [SOLVED] Gadgets -->weather

i got it also once, i thought that i accidentally clicked on X

basex64 reported it also:

description[SOLVED] Gadgets -->weather EmptyRe: [SOLVED] Gadgets -->weather

since this last 2 months i maybe made 50-70 iso´s always with the newest version. and i dont know since when, but it doesnt happen anymore for me.
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