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descriptionYour Ultimate WinReducer 7 Guide EmptyYour Ultimate WinReducer 7 Guide


1. Minimum time investment for high quality release.
2. Investing in iso size means contradicting the former.
3. Minimum hard disk footprint.
4. Maximize performance.
5. Minimum install time and deployment time (System ready).
6. Maximum security and privacy.
7. Maximum fidelity of retail iso.

If this speaks to you, read on.  If it doesn't, move along.  In keeping with the aforementioned principles, this will be the best winreducer guide you ever come across.  Without further ado,

1. Legally download the exact same image that I used, from this exact same legal source below.  Download it with internet download manager and nothing else.  Download and install fastsum.


Verify with fastsum that the hash matches: 57DE0EF0D8AEC8F57648C41CA6DC855D

2. To ensure consistent results use WinReducer 3.08, and make sure you have .Net Framework 4.5.1 or 4.5.2 listed in your "Programs and Features".

3. Restart your computer (critical). Start WinReducer 3.08, extract the iso with the iso function.

4. Mount the iso as Windows 7 Ultimate N.
    In keeping with the smallest footprint, and maximum fidelity an N release iso was chosen.

5. Delete all updates in your update folder and replace them with the certified ones at any one of these hosts:


Contains 148 post sp1 updates, without .net 3.5, remote desktop and internet explorer updates. 
Everything you need.
Note, does not contain all fixes, just the ones that most likely apply to you and that have been certified to not cause issues.

6. Extract and load the following preset


7. Press the finish tab, and press apply, change the priority to high.

8. Close Winreducer when finished.  Start it up again, and load the tools.
    Choose usb and make your usb boot ready for windows 7.

9.  Avoid using 7zip, instead use ultraiso to extract the root of the iso to the root of your just formatted usb
     windows 7 ready drive.  Done.

What do you get?
1. Nearly flawless retail experience.
2. Iso size of 2.28 GB (148 updates inclusive)
3. 6.08 GB hard disk foot print after you make paging file 400mb.
4. 2X faster install.
5. Enhanced performance, security and privacy.

To further reduce deployment time, this will install .net framework 4.5.2 with all updates, and all visual c++ libraries in about 5 min.


To further add to your security, download the following browser portable package, pin the browser within to your taskbar, and download and install malwarebytes anti-exploit (free)


descriptionYour Ultimate WinReducer 7 Guide EmptyRe: Your Ultimate WinReducer 7 Guide

thanks for this guide, why you are troubling interested persons in these garbage type links? you can use more simpler sharing sites.

descriptionYour Ultimate WinReducer 7 Guide EmptyRe: Your Ultimate WinReducer 7 Guide

Why are you a preacher?
Stop whining that the links are not direct which in your mind's eye is garbage.  That's your opinion which I think is garbage / narrow-minded.  It's one thing not posting direct links and linking with adfly or some malware friendly site, its another posting on the best multi-upload host, and giving people a choice.  Have another beer.

descriptionYour Ultimate WinReducer 7 Guide EmptyRe: Your Ultimate WinReducer 7 Guide

I have to agree. The first 4 supposed 'good' links didn't work for one reason or another.
Getting bounced around only makes matters worse even if the links did work.
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