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description[ANSWERED]Using WinReducer with SSDs and Ramdisks Empty[ANSWERED]Using WinReducer with SSDs and Ramdisks

HI there.   Id like to get the build time sped up for your program.   I'm trying to add in just Windows Updates to a vanilla Win8.1 ISO which is stored on a hard disk.  This process takes over an hour to add in all these updates.  

I'd like to just use a RAMdisk to do this crunching of data because I'm sure it'll be a lof faster.   Do you have a guide or any pointers on how much space  I'd need for the RAMdisk and if I need to do any rewrites of the XML file in the root of you program?

I have 8gb of RAM sitting on a Windows 8.1 installation.   By the way, the installation sits on an SSD but I'm very hesitant to use this to crunch all the file rewrites as I don't want to wear out the NANDs.

Thanks in advance.

description[ANSWERED]Using WinReducer with SSDs and Ramdisks EmptyRe: [ANSWERED]Using WinReducer with SSDs and Ramdisks

Hello and welcome matthewc1976,

I'm using an SSD to create all my ISOs without problem and faster than in a HDD, of course.

Using an SSD will greatly reduce the necessary time to remove windows stuff using WinReducer. There will be an important speed difference between an SSD and a HDD, but between an SSD and a RAMDISK there will be not so much differences.

A RAMDISK is really expensive to create because you need at least more space for the extracted ISO. So I could tell that you need around 16 Gb of free RAM space to be sure to have a great speed, and not an impressive speed. But it always faster than an SSD but not so much.

By experience I think that the best choice is to copy the entire WinReducer folder directly on the SSD or the Ramdrive and work into it.

But you could also use your ramdisk as a mount folder : by changing the "MOUNT" folder path in "OPTIONS", you just to desactivate the "MOUNT" (=put it on "OFF") and hit the name to change the folder to your new location !

Have a nice day !
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