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description[ANSWERED] Winreducer Install problem Empty[ANSWERED] Winreducer Install problem

Hello all,

I'm new here and i'm trying to install winreducer 8.1 and can't seem to be able to install the ImageX and  oscdimg softwares, with the software detection. I click on the names it tells me to please wait... and after a few (5-10 sec) seconds it goes back to the name and the button is off. I downloaded the software to the pc from the websites but i can't find a clue how to manualy put these softwares on the machine to work with winreducer. Im behind a proxy server so maybe the problem is that, that it cant be downloaded these from behind a proxy but the other softwares were installed correctly and didn't care about this. I tried to put everything into home\software as the how to page pdf showed but its the same. Can i somehow manualy put the files in somewherer that Winreducer 8.1 can access and use them without an install?
I'm useing 1.14.

Thx M

description[ANSWERED] Winreducer Install problem EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Winreducer Install problem

Hello and welcome,

I've just tried and it worked for me, so this could be, as you mentioned a proxy problem. But you could still use WinReducer 8.1 by doing this procedure :

- Use the website link for ImageX and oscdimg in the WinReducer Config Options page (download it only once because the same package will be use for both 2 software) to download "GetWaikTools.7z". (TIPS : You have a public OneDrive link in the middle of the 1st post)

- Then, DO NOT extract the 7z package, and put it in the ".\WinReducer81\HOME\SOFTWARE" folder

- Finally, launch WinReducer81 and hit the name of ImageX and oscdimg. And it should be OK !



description[ANSWERED] Winreducer Install problem EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Winreducer Install problem

That package is now in zip format and does not work.
Need to use the brain just a little bit.

"ESD has a far more efficient compression ratio than WIM, which is an extremely old compression technology... Conversion between the two is extremely simple and straightforward, and the most recent DISM from the Win 8.1 ADK is required."

ahhh, so even though I am using windows 7 64 bit and the image is windows 7 6 bit, I should use the 8.1 version as wintoolkit informed me it used "install.esd" which was later renamed to "install.wim".  This means the custom windows 7 image I downloaded also uses the boot files from windows 8.1 to be able to read esd, and these are also downloaded with the getwaiktools.

ahhh, and as per pestudio, winreducer is a 32-bit application, so despite running it on 64 bit windows 7, I should use the 8.1 32-bit version of imagex.

Uhuh, so the previous 2.2GB winreducer rip I made from scratch could now be compressed to 1.1 GB if I used esd install source and the corresponding esd boot files from 8.1.  So steal the boot files from this image with magiciso, I now have esd supported bootable image, and just convert to esd post winreducer.

Winterstorm since wintoolkit does not currently support esd, might be worth implementing.
I can provide the required boot image to simplify the work; why repeat all steps when someone else already did the dirty work.
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