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description[ANSWERED] WinReducer - Install Help Empty[ANSWERED] WinReducer - Install Help

Hi all,

I have just decided to install Windows 8.1, and would like to use WinReducer before deploying it to my other PC's..
I have a fresh (full) install of Win 8.1 Enterprise and I cannot install WinReducer.
I have all the correct exe files in the same directory as WinReducer.exe. But on the Configuration screen, WinReducer will not detect and install these exe's.
After clicking 'Off" to try and detect and install, I get no please wait, the switch goes straight back to off.

Please help...

description[ANSWERED] WinReducer - Install Help EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] WinReducer - Install Help


Be sure to use the latest version available on the website, and read these instructions : LINK

Best Regards.

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