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description[SOLVED] Scratch folder Empty[SOLVED] Scratch folder

The scratch folder is causing the updates NOT to be integrated, permanently.
This folder has the path:  \HOME\SOFTWARE\Scratch
and it is being used by the DISM tool when it integrates an update.

Basically I had to kill the winreducer in mid progress, and I unmounted manually the windows being processed with imagex (from WinToolkit) 
Oddly enough, since wintoolkit is uncapable of integrating the win 8.1 update 1, I use winreducer for this part, and for the unattended file generation.

But the \HOME\SOFTWARE\Scratch folder remains filled with temp folders that block the update integration.

Could you please erase the content of this folder prior to the integration process, please !

description[SOLVED] Scratch folder EmptyRe: [SOLVED] Scratch folder


This will be fixed in v1.07 (released Sunday 18 May 2014) ...  Wink 

Thank you for your feedback !
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