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descriptionPLUGINS - WinReducer Control Center EmptyPLUGINS - WinReducer - Control Center

PLUGINS - WinReducer Control Center Wros_c10

Hello guys,

This is the official discussion of the plugin "WinReducerOS - Control Center" made by winterstorm2050 Very Happy

This plugin is provided with the WinReducerOS software, so it is the first thing you see when you launch for the first time WinReducerOS ... it helps you handle all WinReducerOS options and all the Plugins you want to use using the integrated "Plugins Launcher" !

More information are coming on how to get the best of it Wink

descriptionPLUGINS - WinReducer Control Center EmptyRe: PLUGINS - WinReducer - Control Center

How do I get past the main menu?
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