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description[IMPLEMENTED] Adding Other windows Dsim  Empty[IMPLEMENTED] Adding Other windows Dsim

So i think that in order for winreducer to be able to be used on any windows platform (7/8/8.1/10)
if we can manually set the path for dsim we can then use dsim from other windows.

With the use of  GetWaikTools ( it allows one to download the needed dsim need for other windows.

In winreducer have it like

options>config> Set dsim > browse to where you navigate to the folder containing the dsim you've downloaded.

and if you do not set this then it just uses the default dsim which you windows has.

This would make winreducer much more flexible and allow more users to use it without having to instal the windows they want to upgrade to and then using winreducer.

description[IMPLEMENTED] Adding Other windows Dsim  EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] Adding Other windows Dsim

if winterstorm decides to do that, i would say it would be better not to let the user select an dsim/imagex file. but when starting showing an messagebox and starting the config page.
make a dropdown box at the config page (Windows 7,8,8.1,10) to say what image the user wants to mount and downloading the files for that.
mounting page -> check if the selected windows from dropdown page is = the same windows to mount, if not show massagebox and get back to options window


select at option window "multiply compability" -> winreducer downlads all files for windows 7 - 10 and at the mounting window it checks windows 7-10 and uses the needed files

description[IMPLEMENTED] Adding Other windows Dsim  EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] Adding Other windows Dsim


for today its only available at winreder 10 but i think it will be done to the other tools with the next versions

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